Cardiff Aneurin Bevan statue will get spikes to forestall birds poo

A photo of the spikes on top of the statue. Image copyright Wales News Carrier

A Cardiff statue of NHS founder, Aneurin Bevan, has been geared up with plastic spikes to stop birds pooing on its head.

The 15ft (4.5m) prime statue has been used as a loo by way of pigeons and seagulls.

The statue has stood proudly at Cardiff’s Queen Street for more than 30 years.

Supporters introduced a campaign to make him appear more healthy – and officials came up with the 3 rows of spikes.

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Former nurse Carys Thomas, FORTY THREE, stated: “By No Means mind the Nationwide Well Being Provider, Nye wishes a bash-a-gull well being service to keep the birds off.

Image copyright Wales News Service Symbol caption The spikes purpose to forestall points of interest like this.

Council officials have been called directly to help give protection to the historic statue to mark the seventieth anniversary of the NHS.

Cardiff councillor Keith Jones mentioned: “We Have Now other people coming here from far and wide the world and the statue itself is international well known.

“Residents have complained approximately it and the trade neighborhood themselves have considerations about the state of it.

‘Deter seagulls’

“the current state is simply no longer adequate by way of anyone’s standards.

“It’s an iconic statue and we want it to be within the very best state it may be in.

“We’re going to appear into how regularly it is wiped clean, manage how we will deter seagulls from the neighborhood of the statue, and anything else we can have a look at.

“there may be this kind of common neatly regard for him and the selections he’s made for the legacy of long term generations. What we are trying to do with the statue is ensure it is there for the future.”

at the side of the spikes, the statue will also have it gold lettering repainted and its base refurbished.

Cardiff Council say they’ll “continue to monitor the placement” within the desire the spikes will clear up the issue.

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