Vehicle jammed by trucks in Russia rolled over

A truck, coming from the opposite direction, tried to overtake the truck in front of him while he was driving on the Ufa – Neftekamsk highway in Russia’s Bashkortostan. Maneuvering to avoid being under the trucks, the driver lost control of the steering wheel. While the driver’s wife shouted “attention attention”, the vehicle crossed the opposite lane and crashed into another truck. The vehicle, which hit the truck by leaving the ice-covered road, turned overturned in the middle of the road. While the driver and his wife were injured in the accident, the police started an investigation into the incident. In the examination made by the police on the vehicle camera, the female driver, not the truck drivers, was found wrong. While the police officers accused the driver of the car in the report they kept, the costs of the truck hit were left to the driver. Images of the traffic accident sparked controversy in Russia.

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