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A close up of the video showing the man and woman having breakfast together. Image caption Arrested after eating this meal

An Egyptian guy in Saudi Arabia has been arrested after a video of him having breakfast with a woman went viral on Twitter.

In the video, a man with an Egyptian dialect eats breakfast beside a lady wearing a whole face veil, who many assumed to be Saudi.

This is in contravention with law in Saudi Arabia, the place in places of work or eateries like McDonald’s and Starbucks, families and single men have to take a seat in different areas.

Ladies should sit down one by one from single men in these places.

They aren’t allowed to workout so much activities without being followed by their male guardians, regularly a father or husband, but in all probability a brother or a son.

The man was once arrested by means of the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Construction, who accused him of “committing a number of violations and taking up a publish completely reserved for Saudis”.

The Arabic hashtag “an Egyptian having breakfast with a Saudi” has been used over 113,000 times on Twitter, the place it has develop into the centre of a cultural divide.

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A Few other folks in the meantime wired that paintings relationships should transcend gender, with Twitter user Tarek Abd Alaziz calling for colleagues to have the option to “shaggy dog story or devour or do the rest among the basic family members of people”.

But now not everyone agreed, with Hammoud Alduhayian saying that “creating jobs for Saudi women amongst foreigners is thought of as an particular breakdown of customs, traditions, and values.”

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هُناك اكثر من المصري “بهاء” وسيناريوهاتهم تحدث يوميًا بين اسقف المولات والمجمعات التجارية فـ استحداث الوظائف للسعوديات بين الأجانب يُعد انفلات صريح للعادات والتقاليد والقيم .#مصري_يفطر_مع_سعوديه

— حمود الضحيان ابونواف (@H_S_Alduhaiyan) September NINE, 2018


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The view from Egypt

In Egypt, many people reacted with wonder on the outcry from Saudi Arabia and wondered how any individual may well be arrested for what they thought to be an innocuous video.

In particular, folks pointed out the discrepancies among the arrest and the country’s latest progression in ladies’s rights, where ladies were given the best to power in May.

Television presenter Osama Gaweesh mentioned he was at a loss for words with the arrest, asking: “Doesn’t Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman desire a new, open Saudi Arabia with concerts and movie theatres and seashores and a 2030 imaginative and prescient?”

At The Same Time As some other Egyptian person, Sonia, called it a result of “fragile egos” amongst Saudi males.

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cant believe the Egyptian man is ready to get deported & lose his task because saudi males have this sort of fragile ego #مصري_يفطر_مع_سعوديه

— Sonia (@AnotarizeddDesi) September NINE, 2018


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