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Three K-pop artists pose for a photo Image copyright Cube Entertainment Image caption E’Dawn (left) and HyunA (middle) formed K-pop band Triple H with Hui (right)

The head of a major music label in South Korea has denied reports HyunA and E’Dawn, two members of the pop trio Triple H, have been sacked after revealing their relationship.

Cube Entertainment CEO Shin Dae-Nam released a statement after 720,000 tweets in 10 hours mentioned the K-pop stars’ supposed sacking.

“We’ve yet to make an official decision on the rumour that HyunA and E’Dawn would be ousted,” reads the statement on Naver, a major South Korean website.

“We are still discussing it, it is not a confirmed decision. Since the opinions of the artists are also important, this should be deliberately decided through the process of collecting opinions.”

Many K-pop artists – often known as “idols” – are not allowed to enter into any form of romantic relationship while under contract.

The change comes after many on social media specifically pointed to the fact HyunA has worked for Cube Entertainment for far longer than the CEO.

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The decision to sack the pair was heavily criticised. Some fans defended HyunA by asking how her work for Cube Entertainment could be ignored simply because she was in a relationship.

Others came to the defence of E’Dawn, with fans referencing his struggle to land a contract with the label on TV show Pentagon Maker – a reality talent show where people competed to be part of the band.

Those not familiar with K-Pop might recognise HyunA from her appearance in the music video for Psy’s crossover hit Gangnam Style, where she can be seen dancing on an underground train before joining Psy in a larger routine.

The success of the video led the pair to release a new version of Gangnam Style sung as a duet, which has been viewed over 720 million times on YouTube.


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