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Chemnitz protests: Hitler salute wolves displayed

Chemnitz protests: Hitler salute wolves displayed
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A wolf sculpture by artist Rainer Opolka making a Nazi salute is pictured in Dresden, 15 March 2016 Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Some of the statues were previously displayed in Dresden and other German cities

In a country where Nazi symbols are illegal, the sight of snarling wolves performing a Hitler salute is unusual.

But 10 bronze figures have now gone on display in the eastern German city of Chemnitz to protest against what organisers see as “growing hatred”.

Tensions have risen in the city in recent weeks after a German man was allegedly killed by two migrants.

Far-right protesters reportedly used the Hitler salute and chased migrants and journalists.

Germany’s far right march en masse

The organisers of the sculpture The Wolves are Back explain that the installation is based on the fact that both the Nazis and current-day right-wing radicals often describe themselves as “wolves”.

The wolves were created by artist Rainer Opolka and will be in front of Chemnitz’s iconic Karl Marx statue until Thursday evening, together with signs accusing right-wing groups of “exploiting our fears” and describing right-wing radicalism as “the mother of all problems”.

Some of the figures are ready to attack, while others are blindfolded.

The wolf statues were previously displayed outside a court in Munich during the sentencing of Beate Zschäpe, a member of a neo-Nazi gang who was found guilty of 10 racially-motivated murders in July, as well as in Berlin and Dresden.

It is not the first anti-racism event in Chemnitz. More than 60,000 attended a free concert in the city last week to protest against the far-right.


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