China’s Uber has plans to take on the remaining of the arena

Symbol caption Cheng Wei says his subsequent step with Didi is to explore different opportunities and new markets

But expanding across the world for Didi would possibly not be all that straightforward, simply because of the suspicions Chinese Language firms occasionally face when they attempt to pass overseas.

Take Chinese telecommunications large Huawei, for instance.

In Advance this 12 months, Huawei said it was not able to strike a deal to promote its new smartphone by the use of a US provider, over security considerations.

The scuppered deal used to be just the latest example of a Chinese company struggling to do industry within the US.

Huawei hit back and said that the explanation the united states wanted to stay it out of the country used to be as it is just too aggressive.

However many US politicians and businesses imagine that Chinese Language corporations have been given an unfair benefit by means of their executive.

A Few additionally say that Chinese Language firms that deal in data, as Didi does, hand that information again to the Chinese Language executive – a belief Cheng Wei is quick to right kind.

“When American firms first entered China, there were additionally these issues,” he says.

“Whether Or Not you’re Chinese Language or American, knowledge is the lifeline of any trade. if you happen to can’t ensure information safety, that’s going to be totally destructive for the trade.”

No Longer vintage China

Cheng Wei could be very so much the face of new China.

He’s quietly confident, with the conviction to carry out what he wants to succeed in. And he’s were given the cash to splash on bold plans for the long run.

Symbol copyright Getty Images Symbol caption Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache merged in 2015 to shape Didi Kuaidi, later renamed Didi Chuxing

“That Is now not antique China. This Is a brand new generation, ” says Chris DeAngelis, who mechanically advises Western corporations entering China.

“the us must get up as a result of presently, we’re going to get our asses kicked mainly,” adds Chris, talking of the prowess that Chinese Language tech firms such as Didi have over American ones.

But Cheng Wei is not shedding any sleep over the u.s.-China contention.

“For the prior 20 years, it was China who learned extra from the united states,” he says. “However in the next 10 years, we’ll ride on each and every other’s successes. there’s no aspect thinking who will surpass who.”

watch out global, Didi is coming.

and you can watch the rest of Cheng Wei’s interview on BBC World’s Asia Tech Titans collection this weekend at those times.

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