Dapchi women: Freed Nigerian ladies tell of kidnap ordeal 2018

An empty classroom Symbol copyright AFP Image caption Boko Haram stormed Dapchi in February and abducted 100 girls

in the early hours of Wednesday, Boko Haram militants drove into the Nigerian town of Dapchi and launched the bulk of the schoolgirls that they had kidnapped greater than a month earlier than.

the federal government says 106 kids – 104 schoolgirls, a woman who didn’t go to the college, and a boy – were freed. It denied claims that a ransom was exchanged to protected the ladies’ unencumber.

News of the girls’ go back resulted in party in the town, even supposing 5 women are said to have died. the only Christian girl of the gang continues to be in captivity. Oldsters advised AFP that Boko Haram would free up her if she converted to Islam, which she refuses to do.

here’s the schoolgirls’ account of their ordeal. We gave them other names to give protection to their privateness:

The capture

Militants stormed the town on the night of Monday, 19 February. They headed in opposition to the compound of a girls’ boarding college as they fired guns into the air.

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certainly one of the freed girls, Zulai, told the BBC she recalls listening to a “loud explosion” whilst the militants arrived.

“once they came in we heard an overly loud explosion, we idea it was an electrical transformer that got blown. They entered in the course of the primary gate so we were scared and we started working for safety,” she said.

“They lined us and commenced placing us in their cars and drove away. 5 of the women died along the way in which.”

Symbol copyright AFP Image caption the ladies might need been hidden on one of the islands in Lake Chad

She says the crowd persisted their adventure by way of automobile and simplest stopped via a “big tree”.

“We endured our adventure till we got to a spot with a large tree. They stopped and we have been asked to cook dinner food. It used to be dark, in order that they placed on lamps,” Larai stated.

“We spent one night and then they stopped us and requested us to cook dinner. We requested them to return us and they promised to do so. They then moved us to a different region,” Zulai informed the BBC.

They travelled by means of car and canoe to a safe house.

“After eating, then we persevered the adventure for an extended time till we got to a spot where there may be river, we came down from the vans and so they asked us to enter a few canoes that took us around the river,” Larai instructed Premium Times.

She says they had been taken to wooded area, the place they remained.

“across the river, they took us to a home in one village that i do not understand; we stayed there for some time. the next day, they got here to invite us to come back out and we have been taken to the river and persisted the adventure until we got to where a thick wooded area house. That used to be the place they kept us; and they haven’t modified our location on account that then,” Larai said.

Four or 5 ladies died during the journey.

“Approximately 5 are dead however it was once now not as if they killed them – it was once because of the stress and trauma that made them drained and vulnerable,” Larai informed Reuters information company.

Any Other woman, Talatu, informed Reuters that of her friends were among people who died. They were trampled at the same time as being transported.

Talatu stated that the secure house used to be well camouflaged. “They kept us in a large, coated area where no-one could spot the place we were, even via air we could no longer be noticed,” Talatu advised Reuters.

“they did not do anything to us, we had been stored there, they gave us meals and water,” Zulai stated.

The go back

Parents informed AFP that 9 automobiles introduced the ladies again to Dapchi on 21 March. Their adventure home began among four to 5 days sooner than, in step with money owed by the ladies.

one of the ladies’ debts suggests that they were hidden on one among the islands in Lake Chad, a known stronghold for fighters unswerving to the Islamic State workforce-sponsored Boko Haram faction led by means of Abu Musab al-Barnawi, AFP studies.

Symbol caption The Dapchi ladies have been held for over a month by Boko Haram militants

“they just instructed us on Saturday [17 March] to get onto boats. We spent three days on the water before coming to shore, then they positioned us in cars and said they have been taking us again home,” Ladi informed AFP.

“A Few vehicles painted in military color got here with our ladies,” the father of one girl told Reuters.

“They [the militants]… said we must always no longer flee. They dropped the ladies on the centre of town, near Ali’s tea save. i found my daughter and left,” he mentioned.

A figure advised the BBC that his daughter advised him that her return house began on 18 March. “She suffered a lot – fortunately they are unfastened now,” he said.

Boko Haram warned the ladies not to go back to university.

“Apparently Boko Haram simply dropped them by way of a roadside proper in the heart of town and mentioned: ‘We have now returned your children to you however ensure you do not enrol them in western training once more because if you will we will come back and take them away,'” the parent advised the BBC.

Oldsters instructed AFP that the militants proceeded to shake hands and take photos before leaving.

Hours after their free up, the women were passed over to the federal govt and flown on an army plane to Abuja to satisfy President Muhammadu Buhari.

Ache as Nigeria kidnap ladies fly to capital

Timeline: How Dapchi abductions opened up (App customers click image)

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19 February

Suspected Boko Haram militants attack a public secondary faculty for girls in the north-jap Nigerian town of Dapchi in Yobe state.

20 February

Nigerian executive confirms 110 women missing.

21 February

Yobe state executive publicizes rescue of some of the girls from “terrorists who abducted them” and says they are with the army.

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22 February

The Yobe state government retracts the statement and apologises for deceptive the public, pronouncing: “No girl was once rescued”.

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23 February

President Muhammadu Buhari calls the kidnapping of the schoolgirls in Dapchi a “national disaster”.

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25 February

Nigerian Air Pressure announces deployment of army airplane and additional personnel for search and rescue project.

26 February

Nigerian military denies claims by Yobe State Governor that squaddies were removed from Dapchi sooner than the ladies’ abduction. the army then admits it redeployed infantrymen clear of town, announcing the area was once “relatively safe”.

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27 February

Federal govt launches investigation into the cases leading to abduction and releases complete details of the ONE HUNDRED TEN lacking schoolgirls.

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28 February

UN Secretary Common Antonio Guterres says he “strongly condemns the abduction and attack”.

2 March

Local human rights activist Aisha Wakil, known as “Mama Boko Haram” as a result of she has known a few of the militants considering they had been kids, is quoted in experiences saying that the Barnawi faction of Boko Haram confirmed to her that it used to be retaining the women.

NINE March

Women dangle a protest in the capital Abuja, three weeks after the women’ abduction.

12 March

President Muhammadu Buhari pronounces plan to barter the women’ liberate, in preference to use military force.

14 March

President Buhari makes his first talk over with to Dapchi, assuring folks of the missing schoolgirls that the federal government will secure the women’ rescue.

20 March

Amnesty International claims Nigerian military disregarded repeated warnings of an attack on Dapchi the town, hours before militants kidnapped the girls.

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21 March

Nigerian government broadcasts that 104 of the A HUNDRED AND TEN abducted schoolgirls have been freed.

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