Hippo bite kills Chinese Language tourist in Kenya

Pepa the hippo in Medellin, Colombia Symbol copyright AFP Symbol caption A hippo in a Colombian zoo. the teeth are sharp and the animal is competitive

A Chinese Language tourist has died after being bitten within the chest by means of a hippo he used to be looking to photograph in Kenya.

Chang Ming Chuang, SIXTY SIX, was tracking the animal at a flora and fauna lodge on Lake Naivasha, 90km (FIFTY SIX miles) north-west of the capital, Nairobi.

A second Chinese Language tourist was injured in the attack. Six other people were killed via hippos in the space this year.

High water ranges have observed hippos – the world’s deadliest large land mammal – stray on to inns for pasture.

Hippos – herbivores or carnivores? BBC Nature – Hippos What are the world’s deadliest animals?

Witnesses mentioned the two tourists had come too as regards to the animal close to the Sopa lodge. The bitten man was once rushed to medical institution bleeding profusely however later died.

Image Copyright @kwskenya @kwskenya

Hippos, which can be competitive, have sharp enamel and weigh up to 2,750kg (three lots), kill an anticipated 500 folks yearly in Africa.

Tourism earned Kenya $1.2bn (£950m) final yr, with 1.4 million international arrivals.

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