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Honduras usa profile
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Honduras has a protracted historical past of military rule, corruption, poverty and crime that have rendered it one in every of the least advanced and so much volatile countries in Imperative The United States.

Until the mid-1980s Honduras used to be ruled by means of the military, which enthusiastically supported US efforts to stem innovative actions in the region. On The Grounds That then, civilian leaders have sought to cut down the ability of the military, with various degrees of success.

Gang violence, drug wars and extortion are commonplace and the rustic is notorious for having the world’s best murder charge in keeping with capita.

Inequalities in wealth stay top, with nearly half of the inhabitants dwelling beneath the poverty line. Lots of Hondurans go away to move to the us each year and the remittances they send home are an important supply of income for many families.

Once dominated via international-owned banana corporations, the rustic continues to be a massive fruit exporter. it is also Primary The United States’s second greatest coffee producer.

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Juan Orlando Hernandez took place of business in January 2014, promising a nil tolerance approach towards arranged crime and pledging to convey down the high ranges of drug-related violence.

He received elections within the previous November, beating off challenger Xiomara Castro, the spouse of former president Manuel Zelaya – whose ouster in a 2009 coup prompted a deep political crisis.

During his 4-year term because of end in January 2018, Mr Hernandez may be facing deep economic demanding situations, including prime unemployment and poverty ranges.

He stood for re-election in November 2017. The votes are being counted, and tv entertainer Salvador Nasralla appears to be beforehand.


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Because The 2009 coup, Honduras has been one of the western hemisphere’s most deadly nations for newshounds.

Twenty-8 newshounds and media employees had been killed since 2000, Reporters Without Borders mentioned in 2015.

Harassment in opposition to broadcasting outlets has integrated attacks, threats, blocked transmissions and power outages, says Freedom Area.

Media freedom is restricted through punitive defamation rules, and journalists tend to exercise self-censorship. Possession of media shops is focused in the arms of a couple of tough trade interests, US-based totally Freedom House notes.

There had been 2.FOUR million web customers through November 2015, approximately 24% of the inhabitants (Internetworldstats). Fb is the top social network.

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Some key dates within the historical past of Honduras:

Symbol copyright Getty Pictures Image caption US-backed rebels referred to as Contras used Honduras as a base for destabilising Nicaragua in the eighties

1502 – Christopher Colombus lands in Honduras, a rustic at first inhabited by indigenous tribes, most particularly the Maya. Spanish colonisation starts in 1524.

1821 – Honduras publicizes independence, turns into part of Mexican Empire until 1823, when it joins United Provinces of Imperative The United States until federation collapses in 1838.

1839 – Republic falls below affect of us corporations which determine huge fruit plantations.

1963 – President Ramone Morales is deposed in coup. Colonel Osvaldo Lopez Arellano heads first of string of army regimes in power until 1981.

1969 – Football Conflict with El Salvador; FOUR,000 die in ONE HUNDRED-hour battle.

1981-82 – First civilian executive in over a century elected however military is still influential.

eighties – Honduras is a stronghold for the united states in its proxy struggle towards socialist Sandinistas in Nicaragua, coaching and funding Contra rebels. Many Hondurans flee to the united states.

2000-04 – US deports 20,000 other people to Important America, together with rival groups – Salvatrucha and 18 Boulevard – which deliver gang culture to the region.

1998 – Storm Mitch devastates Honduras.

2007 – An Extended-time US best friend, Honduras breaks with tradition as President Manuel Zelaya turns into the first Honduran president to visit Cuba in 50 years.

2009 – A Number Of years of a susceptible but strengthening democracy are curtailed whilst President Manuel Zelaya is deposed in an army coup.

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