ISS: Spacewalk cosmonauts look into thriller hole

Cosmonaut conducts spacewalk outside the ISS. 11 Dec 2018 Image copyright NASA Image caption The 2 cosmonauts will spend approximately six hours outside the ISS

Russian cosmonauts on the International Area Station (ISS) are embarking on a spacewalk to investigate a mysterious hole that brought about a lack of air force in August.

The cause of the hole at the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft, docked to the station, has not but been established.

However, Russian officials have said they think it was as a result of a drill and may have been planned.

Oleg Kononeko and Sergei Prokopyev will spend approximately six hours at the spacewalk.

Nasa said that Kononenko will use a knife to cut through insulation and the protective masking of the Soyuz to locate the surface of the outlet. Samples will likely be taken to be despatched again to Earth.

Image copyright NASA

Sources quoted in Izvestia newspaper said that if sealant is found on the hull in the course of the house walk then the opening was most definitely led to when the spacecraft used to be on the ground.

In September, Dmitry Rogozin, the top of Russia’s civilian house company Roscosmos, said that a manufacturing defect was once possible however “planned interference” had not been dominated out.

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