John Allen Chau: India ‘puts on hold’ efforts to retrieve body

Image copyright Survival Global Symbol caption Few images of the endangered tribe exist Image copyright Christian Caron – Inventive Commons A-NC-SA Image caption The Sentinelese stand shield on an island seaside in 2005

Six fishermen who ferried Chau, 27, to North Sentinel island were arrested over the incident, with another particular person also held.

Outsiders are banned from even approaching the island so as to offer protection to the folks who are living there, and their manner of life.

The whole isolation of the Sentinelese folks approach contact with the surface international may positioned them in peril, as they are likely to have no immunity to even common sicknesses comparable to flu and measles.

The tribesmen have also treated outsiders with hostility for years.

Chau’s family have stated they forgive those who killed him.

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