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Knickers, Australia’s biggest steer, towers above the herd

Knickers, Australia’s biggest steer, towers above the herd
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Knickers among a herd of wagyu cattle Symbol copyright Geoff Pearson Image caption Knickers is generally followed via a herd of wagyu farm animals

Knickers, a seven-12 months-antique steer, looms above the thousands of alternative livestock that he feeds with in rural Western Australia.

At some 1,400kg (220st) and 194cm (6ft 4in), he’s believed to be the largest steer in a country home to millions of cattle.

And his size has proved to be his saving grace. When owner Geoff Pearson tried to position him up for auction closing month, meat processors said they just could not deal with him – so Knickers avoided the abattoir.

He will now live out the rest of his life on Lake Preston feedlot in Myalup, 136km (EIGHTY FIVE miles) south of Perth.

“Knickers lives on,” says Mr Pearson, who has been fielding calls from local newshounds because the Australian public broadcaster drew consideration to the enormous steer – a Holstein Friesian, however considerably taller than the common for that breed.

And where did the identify come from?

“Whilst he was younger, when we first got him, we had a Brahman steer a breed of cattle which used to be a pal of his,” explains Mr Pearson. “So his identify was bra… so we had bra and knickers.

“We never idea he could grow to be a big knickers.”

in step with the file books, the tallest living steer is Bellino – who was once 2.027m tall while he was measured in 2010 in Italy.


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