Leopard kills India Buddhist monk meditating in wooded area

Rahul Walke Symbol copyright Abhishek Bhatpalliwar 

A monk meditating in a forest within the Indian state of Maharashtra has died in a leopard attack, officers say.

The man, known as Rahul Walke, had been “meditating under a tree” within the Tadoba wooded area, that’s a secure tiger reserve, officials advised PTI.

Walke were connected to a Buddhist temple which is throughout the wooded area, however he had walked to a place relatively far away from it to meditate.

Forest officials say they warned the priests towards going too far within.

“i would like to inform everybody not to pass throughout the forest,” GP Narawane, a wooded area official, informed BBC Marathi.

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However, there are now plans to capture the leopard. “now we have set up two cages and a digicam lure, and we can try to tranquilise the animal,” Mr Narawane said.

State govt officers have mentioned they’d supply Mr Walke’s circle of relatives 1.2m rupees ($SIXTEEN,762; £THIRTEEN,280).

A monk belonging to the same temple advised BBC Marathi that that they had seen the animal attacking Mr Walke when they’d visited his meditation spot to offer him meals on Wednesday morning.

He mentioned he went away to hunt lend a hand but by way of the time he lower back with others, Mr Walke was already dead.

The Tadoba reserve is home to an anticipated 88 tigers. it is additionally home to a big number of different animals, including leopards, sloth bears, hyenas and honey badgers.

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