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Man trapped in Texas money system sends ‘help me’ notes

Man trapped in Texas money system sends ‘help me’ notes
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handwritten note Image copyright KZTV Symbol caption The Person slipped handwritten notes pleading to bank shoppers to get assist

A Texas guy who discovered himself trapped within a money machine slipped “assist me” notes throughout the receipt slot.

The Person, who police say was working on a maintenance of the financial institution, left his phone in his car earlier than getting stuck in the force-through ATM’s vault.

The unnamed workman was freed after shouting to ATM customers, who persevered withdrawing money all through his ordeal on Wednesday in Corpus Christi.

Police concept it a hoax earlier than kicking in a door to withdraw him.

Symbol copyright KZTV Symbol caption Corpus Christi Police Officer Richard Olden defined hearing the guy’s shouts

“Sure sufficient, we can pay attention a bit voice coming from the machine, so we’re all thinking this is a joke, it is gotta be a funny story,” mentioned police officer Richard Olden.

One handwritten word slipped via the trapped man to a customer stated: “Please Lend A Hand. I’m stuck in right here, and that i wouldn’t have my telephone. Please name my boss.” The message included the employer’s phone number.

The Man was once freed after spending greater than hours inside the Financial Institution of America device.

Officer Olden advised native media: “everyone is ok, however you’ll by no means see this on your life, that someone was once stuck in the ATM, it used to be just loopy.”

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