Merkel’s aircraft makes unscheduled landing after technical hitch

Fire engines are seen from the inside of the plane Konrad Adenauer in Cologne, Germany, 29 November 2018 Symbol copyright EPA Image caption The aircraft used to be met at the tarmac in Cologne by emergency vehicles

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will leave out the opening of the G20 summit in Argentina after her aircraft was pressured to land shortly after leaving Berlin.

Her administrative center says Mrs Merkel and delegates made a secure, however unscheduled, landing in Cologne after the airplane advanced a technical downside.

The aircraft turned back while it was over the Netherlands, Germany’s dpa information agency says.

Reports say Mrs Merkel will travel on to Buenos Aires on Friday.

No details were given concerning the technical problem.

Image copyright EPA Symbol caption Mrs Merkel is expected to fly from Cologne to Buenos Aires on Friday Image copyright AFP Image caption The plane, Konrad Adenauer, takes the German chancellor on state visits

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