Migrant caravan in photos: A river of individuals moving north

A father carries his child on his shoulders as he walks on a road towards the Mexican city of Tapachula Symbol copyright Encarni Pindado

Thousands of migrants from Imperative The United States are crossing Mexico from south to north in the wish of reaching the America.

Many of them are oldsters with small children in quest of a better lifestyles clear of the violence and lack of opportunities of their house nations.

The size of the crowd has steadily grown from about 1,000 to greater than 7,000, according to a United Countries estimate.

Observers have described it as “a river of individuals”. Photojournalist Encarni Pindado documented their development north across the Guatemala-Mexico border.

More than 7,000 people have joined the caravan which has so far walked from San Pedro Sula in Honduras to Huixtla in Mexico Symbol copyright Encarni Pindado

The Crowd left the crime-ridden city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras on 13 October. From there, the migrants walked to Nueva Ocotepeque from where they crossed into Guatemala.

Their goal is to achieve the U.s.a. where they say they want to start a brand new life clear of the legal gangs which keep watch over portions of Honduras.

But US President Donald Trump, who campaigned on a promise to curb unlawful immigration to the united states, said he wouldn’t permit the caravan move into the united states.

He seized at the caravan as a possibility to rally folks to vote for his Republican Birthday Celebration in the forthcoming midterm elections on 6 November.

“On Every Occasion you spot a Caravan, or other people illegally coming, or trying to come, into our U . S . A . illegally, recall to mind and blame the Democrats for not giving us the votes to change our pathetic Immigration rules!” he wrote.

In some other tweet, Mr Trump claimed that “criminals and unknown Center Easterners are jumbled together” the migrant group – without giving any evidence of both.

one in every of the migrants held up a sign studying: “Emigrating is not a criminal offense, let’s be unfastened without borderlines”.

A migrant holds up a sign reading Symbol copyright Encarni Pindado

They walked throughout Guatemala and arrived at the Mexican border ultimate week. Lots of them headed for the bridge dividing the two countries.

Thousands of Honduran migrants cross the border bridge between Guatemala and Mexico, while hundreds of federal police and soldiers wait on the other side. Symbol copyright Encarni Pindado

So Much of them are from Honduras and some had tied Honduran flags to their backpacks as they got able to go into Mexico.

Loads of Mexican federal law enforcement officials and soldiers have been waiting for them on the different facet.

The Mexican government had up to now said that they’d stop individuals who didn’t have passports or the right kind visas.

Border officials started through checking the migrants’ documents one at a time, which meant that by way of the end of the day most effective 300 other folks have been allowed to go into and 5,000 more have been still waiting at the bridge.

A migrant enters Mexico at the border with Guatemala. Symbol copyright Encarni Pindado

Some Of the migrants fainted on the crowded border bridge due to the heat and exhaustion after having walked for 6 days in a row.

A woman faints after walking for several days from Honduras on the crowded border bridge separating Guatemala and Mexico Image copyright Encarni Pindado

With the ones on the Guatemalan facet of the bridge growing an increasing number of frustrated at the wait, tempers flared and the two sides clashed, with a few migrants throwing stones and police firing tear fuel.

Several people were injured and a bunch of children had been separated from their oldsters in the resulting melee.

This father managed to carry directly to his son and carried him in his hands after each had breathed in tear gas.

A man carries a child in his arms after the Mexican police fired tear gas>” src=”https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/320/cpsprodpb/11BBD/production/_103973627_3.jpg” width=”1000″ height=”668″/> Symbol copyright Encarni Pindado </p>
<p>After 36 hours on the border, handiest SIX HUNDRED people had made it into Mexico by means of the reliable checkpoint. </p>
<p>tired of ready and an increasing number of concerned they might get turned back by means of Mexican immigration officials, some migrants lowered themselves from the bridge into the river through ropes at the same time as others jumped. </p>
<p> <img decoding= Image copyright Encarni Pindado

A Few have been picked up by fellow migrants on makeshift rafts even as others swam across the Suchiate river, which marks the border among Guatemala and Mexico.

After waiting for more than 36 hours at the border bridge, some of the migrants crossed the border on rafts Image copyright Encarni Pindado

the relaxation of those who made it into Mexico was great. They accrued in the main square of Ciudad Hidalgo, town on the Mexican side of the border, and a few danced as local musicians performed.

Migrants dance was local musicians play music in the central square of Ciudad de Hidalgo Symbol copyright Encarni Pindado

Locals have been serving to the migrants. Some have dropped off food and clothes at the squares where they were drowsing and others have given the most prone ones lifts north in their cars to make the adventure just a little easier.

However, catching lifts in overcrowded lorries and SUV may also be bad. Two Hondurans died falling off the cars they had boarded, one in Guatemala and one in Mexico, officers mentioned

Private cars transport migrants from the Guatemala-Mexico border to the city of Tapachula 40km away Symbol copyright Encarni Pindado

The migrants had been slumbering wherever they can as they move further north. Their journey to the us-Mexican border is expected to take them weeks.

Migrants rest in the main square in Tapachula Image copyright Encarni Pindado

All pictures by way of Encarni Pindado and topic to copyright.

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