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Rome police grab eight Casamonica mafia villas

Rome police grab eight Casamonica mafia villas
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Image copyright Shutterstock Image caption Casamonica clan individuals have been evicted via police

Ms Raggi said the villas, within the Quadraro district, violated Rome’s development and panorama regulations and a few “included entire sections of the ancient Felice Aqueduct”.

She is in the populist 5 Famous Person Motion (M5S), that’s ruling Italy in coalition with the League.

“Nowadays is an ancient day for the town of Rome and for Romans,” she mentioned. “we’re placing an finish to years of illegality and are sending a powerful remark to the Casamonica clan.”

Image copyright EPA Image caption it is no longer transparent the place the evicted extended family participants will move now

About 30 Casamonica members of the family had been discovered to be living within the villas. A Few left the scene by way of automotive, others strolling, Italy’s Corriere della Sera day-to-day reported.

Drugs were found throughout the evictions. The operation began at break of day. The mayor’s video showed a gaudy internal, with golden animal statuettes and a ceiling fresco.

Anger at Rome ‘Godfather’ funeral Italy arrest for ‘mafia’ headbutt on TELEVISION Italian mafia: How crime families went world Rome corruption gang leaders jailed Image copyright EPA Symbol caption The raid changed into a big Italian media adventure Symbol copyright Getty Photographs Symbol caption In June Mr Salvini (centre) posed outside every other confiscated Casamonica villa

Mayor beneath fire

On Saturday a pass judgement on cleared Ms Raggi of accusations that she had lied over a senior appointment in her place of job.

She have been accused of false testimony in reference to Renato Marra, nominated to move the Rome tourism division. Prosecutors had sought a ten-month prison sentence for her.

She has confronted a lot complaint over Rome’s creaking infrastructure, together with severe issues of waste disposal.

She mentioned the Casamonica villas were constructed 30 years ago and symbolised the authorities’ “impotence within the face of mobsters”. She said it used to be essentially the most impressive operation ever by the capital’s police drive in opposition to the Rome mafia.

Police have additionally performed a few raids this yr against homes run by the Spada mafia extended family in Ostia, a seaside suburb of Rome.

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