Southwest Airlines emergency sparks on-board protection warnings

A flight attendant doing a safety demonstration Image copyright Getty Pictures Image caption Airline group of workers have taken to social media to whinge that passengers don’t seem to be paying attention

for skilled flyers, the in-flight protection demonstration can appear to be a mundane prison requirement that they already know within-out.

Air screw ups don’t seem to be quite common, but on Tuesday a US woman died because of an in-flight emergency on a Southwest Airlines aircraft.

The flight, wearing 149 passengers on a family US flight, made an emergency landing, however movies and photographs taken on board have led to alarm as a result of many passengers appear to be the usage of their emergency breathing masks incorrectly.

Some airline personnel, ill of being omitted on flights, have taken to social media to provide an explanation for why passengers must start to listen.

One tweet, published through an experienced former flight attendant, has been shared hundreds of times online.

Bobby Laurie labored on US airways for 10 years and helped enhance a few of the emergency coaching guides utilized by American Airlines.

He informed the BBC that once he noticed the footage from the flight, the masks were the primary factor he spotted.

“Clearly everyone’s in a situation they did not be expecting and they are panicking. However a safety demonstration is completed at the get started of every flight no matter the place you might be flying within the global!”

How essential is the demonstration advice?

in a single phrase, “very” – in step with experienced pilot and aviation protection expert Phil Croucher.

“The airline can not do everything for you. there’s a duty on the passenger besides,” he says.

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Media captionAir site visitors keep watch over: “I’m sorry, you mentioned there may be a hollow?”

“although it is boring, there’ll be one thing you will have missed and you’ll pick out up.”

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He also strongly believes that alcohol should be banned so as to keep passengers protected and forestall their judgement being clouded.

For a flight attendant, being neglected could make their task feel so much more difficult. Bobby Laurie thinks stepped forward flight protection has ended in a level of complacency in so much passengers.

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Media captionBobby Laurie: “Nobody can pay attention to the in-flight demonstration”.

“It Is one among the more irritating issues of the task, you’re status in front of people trying to show how they are able to retailer their lives in an emergency and they’re texting, taking selfies, have their headphones in or they’re already asleep!

“you already know they did not concentrate, and you know it’s your activity to get them off the aircraft in a existence-threatening situation.”

what’s the key advice?

Demonstrations, whether shown in video format or verified by means of flight attendants, contain data on what to do in the adventure of an unlikely, however in the end conceivable, emergency scenario.

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These Days I Was reminded why our flight attendant training is so essential. The Rest can occur at any given time. Please watch the security demo and please realize that our jobs are such a lot more than simply pouring cokes at 30,000 ft.

— Andrea Tullos (@andrrea_marriie) April 18, 2018


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Every airline and airplane has different evacuation strategies and equipment, so professionals say it is all the time essential to observe each one.


It is usually a good suggestion to keep your seatbelt on while seated in case of the skin likelihood that one thing atypical, like sudden turbulence, occurs all at once.

Bobbie Laurie confronted severe and sudden clear-air turbulence on one flight he was once operating on.

He, and other passengers on the again of the airplane at the time, hit the aircraft’s ceiling.

“In that situation the seatbelt signal was turned on and there has been still a line of individuals for the bathroom – they knew they shouldn’t be out in their seats,” he says.

“this would happen at any second – even the flight crew don’t know its coming.”

Oxygen mask

Oxygen masks are utilized in a few emergency situations. they generally require activation once dropped and need to be placed over the nostril and mouth.

“Now Not having it over your nose and mouth is kind of like scuba diving in the air – you’ve got to consciously make sure you breathe thru handiest your mouth,” Mr Laurie explains.

The mask are important because a cabin’s power is set at a undeniable altitude that is less than the flight’s cruising top itself.

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Media captionSevere turbulence injured 27 other folks on an Aeroflot flight in 2017

In an experience like Tuesday’s accident, an incident causing surprising cabin decompression can mean passengers’ air provide is unexpectedly pulled from the cabin.

Brace position

In any emergency landing, attendants will information passengers on find out how to do the brace place accurately, or even run via follow runs through the descent.

Both mavens give an explanation for that the placement is designed to minimise stress at the body all the way through any descent and impact, lowering the danger of accidents corresponding to whiplash.

Leaving personal belongings

Moderately unbelievably, there have been circumstances the place other people have tried to grab their luggage and shoes in emergencies ahead of leaving a plane.

Pilot Phil Croucher explains that planes are designed in order that all passengers need to be capable of evacuate inside NINETY seconds – and says any useless prolong to that would turn out deadly.

Why do folks take hold of their luggage after a aircraft crash?

“Other Folks panic, they will climb over each other and trample each other. Folks can get killed within the rush. You must have a completely orderly go out,” he explains.

The phenomenon may be one of flight attendants’ primary puppy peeves too.

“if you happen to take your bag off the plane, it might perhaps puncture the emergency slide,” Mr Laurie says.

“It’s only one big balloon – your luggage isn’t designed with evacuation in thoughts. How will everyone else get off?”

any other protection advice?

Injuries and emergencies are extremely uncommon in aviation. However further precautions, like familiarising your self how many rows away you’re from an exit, can assist hugely if the unlikely does occur.

“the probabilities are that you are going to have a secure and cushty flight,” Mr Laurie explains.

“However at any time that would amendment – so simply take a minute and open up safety cards, see where the exits are, overview the best way to placed on the oxygen mask – and then positioned to your headphones and take your selfies!”

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