‘The Little Old Ones’: Belgium’s retirement home for elderly animals

In southern Belgium there may be a care home that accommodates A HUNDRED AND FIFTY getting old animals, living out their ultimate days in peace.

The home is run through Valerie Luycx, beneath, and is called Les Petits Vieux (The Little Vintage Ones).

Valerie Luycx, a founder of the association Symbol copyright Reuters

The animal safe haven, situated in rural Chievres in the province of Hainaut within the south of Belgium, is home to Pastis the pot-bellied pig, below, together with a bunch of elderly cats, dogs, ponies and goats, photographed right here through Yves Herman from Reuters.

Valerie Luycx with Pastis, a 10-year-old Vietnamese pig Symbol copyright Reuters

The Entire animals both have illnesses or were given up because their house owners had been too antique to deal with them.

Residents come with Azuria, a 15-year-antique Ecu cat (below left), and Ramses, a 9-year-vintage Carlin canine.

Composite photo of Azuria the cat and Ramses the Carlin dog Image copyright Reuters

There May Be also Calin the cat, who would possibly not be a fan of being photographed.

Calin, a European cat, looks out of a hole in the wall Image copyright Reuters

Calin is seen below taking part in being stroked, while Yam the 9-year-old Saint Bernard canine poses for a portrait.

A composite photo of Valerie Luycx with Calin the cat and Yam the nine-year-old Saint Bernard dog poses for a portrait Symbol copyright Reuters

Valerie based the shelter in 2000 with her husband Serge. She stated: “we wanted to recreate family existence for the animals.”

at the left here is Choupy, a 14-year-antique Yorkshire Terrier.

Valerie Luycx at home with her animals Symbol copyright Reuters

And here we have Caracol, a ten-yr-old Spanish Galgo canine, or greyhound.

Caracol, a 10-year-old Spanish Galgo Symbol copyright Reuters

The residents are allowed to play with each other and lounge quietly on sofas.

Dogs are seen from above Image copyright Reuters Valerie Luycx with animals Symbol copyright Reuters Valerie Luycx is seen with Pastis a 10-year-old Vietnamese pig Image copyright Reuters

Footage by way of Yves Herman.

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