The satellite is approaching the sun

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe satellites in an automobile-sized $ 1.5 billion dollar were thrown out for the mission, which is described as “Touching the Sun.”

The Parker Probe, which will approach 6,115,500 kilometers on the surface of the Sun, will gather information about the stars by observing it. Parker Probe is said to be subject to a temperature of 30 degrees due to heat resistant armor, although it is exposed to a temperature of 371 degrees Centigrade at this distance.

Parker Solar Probe will be the first space vehicle to enter the atmosphere of the Sun ULA Delta IV is the most powerful rocket in the world. NASA scientists have stated that Parker Solar Probe will collect information about the star mechanics that has been wondering for decades over new aspects of the Sun’s atmosphere in each approach to the Sun.

Parker Solar Probe will be the first spacecraft to enter the outermost layer of the atmosphere known as the crown sphere. & Nbsp;

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