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Top-velocity chase that sparked migrant tragedy

Top-velocity chase that sparked migrant tragedy
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Symbol caption Security is tight on Hungary’s border with Romania

“I Feel the Hungarian police had been already looking at us,” Murat instructed me. “They got here after us so temporarily.”

While the smuggler saw flashing blue lighting fixtures in his reflect he shouted at his passengers to get down – and he positioned his foot at the accelerator.

The van smashed into a police roadblock, then hurtled down a highway embankment.

Baran, the mummy of 9-year-antique twins Hashem and Pasha, died on the spot.

the driver died later that day.

Journey to recovery

Hospitals in Szeged and Oroshaza treated the 17 survivors.

Hali was once in the worst condition. She had a cracked skull, damaged ribs, broken fingers and legs, and cracked pelvic bones. Whilst I first met her three months after the crash she could sit up straight in mattress, but hardly ever talk.

Her son Safaa, 21, spent all day at her bedside. His father in Iraq and certainly one of his brothers in Germany paid for all the medical expenses, besides as Safaa’s affordable lodging close to the hospital.

By Means Of now the invoice was once already $10,000 (£7,SEVEN-HUNDRED), and the family’s finances had dried up.

Symbol caption Aiman, 10, survived the deadly crash and spent months in Czech detention before achieving Germany

Safaa, like all the survivors, praised the excellent medical care given to them.

Even Though the Hungarian government has passed regulations criminalising migrants and those who give them assist, the docs have handled them like sufferers.

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Aidi, 20, praised Dr Zoltan, the medical professional who fixed her broken legs when she feared she might never walk once more.

And an area Baptist pastor, Noemi Nikodem, befriended her within the clinic and have become like a sister to her.

Hungarian police have been less friendly.

They had been a constant presence in the wards, pressuring doctors to signal papers as soon as the patients were deemed are compatible sufficient to stand deportation again to Romania.

All were sent back to Timisoara except the orphaned children: Hashem and Pasha, the nine year-vintage twins; Horia, a 12-12 months-antique girl vacationing by myself; Hali because she was too badly injured and Hali’s kids Safaa and Sonia.

It used to be now not the tip of the journey for the rest.

Still slightly able to walk, Akhir stowed away in a lorry in overdue November. He reached Germany after a 37-hour journey and has applied for asylum.

Symbol caption Murat (L) and Khose had been sent again to Timisoara after the crash however have seeing that reached Germany

Murat, Khose and 10-year-old Aiman reached Hanover in May. However that used to be after spending months in detention within the Czech Republic, whilst their hiding place in every other lorry was once found out.

Aidi concealed underneath a blanket in a automobile that crossed the Romanian border into Hungary at night.

In Timisoara, the hearsay is that the smuggler will get $2,000 and the border guards $1,000 for every illicit passenger – one thing Hungarian police deny.

“The Hungarian police pay unique consideration to the prevention and detection of corruption, and act rapidly against any officer who breaks the legislation,” the police informed the BBC.

Aidi, now in a temporary home in the German the town of Regensburg, told me: “i was so afraid that the police could to find me. Or that the automobile could have an twist of fate again.”

However she sailed via unscathed, and has now been reunited together with her folks and granted asylum.

Samir made it to Italy within the back of a truck in April. The twins, Hashem and Pasha, were followed by way of household in Germany.

Horia was taken in through an aunt in Vienna, and will in spite of everything go away the youngsters’s home where they have been positioned close to Budapest in March.

Thanks to the mediation of the UN refugee agency UNHCR, Safaa and Hali had been positioned in Hungary’s remaining open refugee camp at the same time as German government believe their request for circle of relatives reunification.

All the others, contacted by way of the BBC, confirmed that they had reached Germany. One, Omar, was once deported from Germany back to Romania after his asylum request failed.

Nine months after the deadly crash, 14 of the 17 survivors have made it to their selected destinations in Western Europe, regardless that still scarred through the coincidence.

In Spite Of the refrain of politicians pronouncing the Balkan migrant path closed, it is still open – but only a crack.


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