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Truck drivers face jail in Singapore for $1 bribes

Truck drivers face jail in Singapore for $1 bribes
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Container port at Singapore Image copyright AFP Symbol caption The forklift truck drivers may just face up to 5 years in prison

Singapore has charged two Chinese Language migrant workers with soliciting one-greenback bribes from lorry drivers.

The forklift truck drivers allegedly took S$1 bribes (£0.58; $0.73) more than one times, in go back for no longer delaying the loading and unloading of vehicles.

If convicted, Chen Ziliang, FORTY SEVEN, and Zhao Yucun, FORTY THREE, face up to five years in prison and a S$100,000 fine.

Singapore takes pleasure in its reputation as one in every of the world’s least corrupt countries.

Inside Singapore’s megachurch scandal Singapore profile

Both drivers allegedly committed the offence whilst running on the Cogent Container Depot.

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