Downing Boulevard drops penny-pinching plan

1p and 2p coins

Downing Boulevard has backed away from a plan to scrap copper coins.

The prime minister’s spokesman mentioned there were “no proposals to scrap 1 or 2p coins”.

The Treasury has been consulting at the mixture of cash in move as card and digital bills acquire popularity.

Theresa May’s spokesman stated: “The consultation’s call for proof was once simply supposed to assist the government better understand the function of money and digital bills.

“one among the elements was once whether the denominational mixture of cash meets the general public want. From the early reaction it appears as if it does.”

Eight uses in your 1p and 2p cash

Many nations together with Australia, Brazil, Canada and Sweden have ditched their low denomination cash.

The Treasury session document mentioned that 1p and 2p cash are scarcely used.

It says that surveys suggest six in 10 of UK 1p and 2p coins are only used as soon as sooner than being put in a jar or discarded, at the same time as one in 12 is thrown right into a bin.