Russia’s Putin embraces higher pension age however softens blow

A Russian protester in Ivanovo on 1 July holds a banner saying Symbol copyright Getty Pictures Image caption Protests have taken position across Russia and more are planned in spite of the concession to women

For a long time Vladimir Putin distanced himself from Russia’s pension reform.

It was once at all times expected to be highly debatable and the speculation was once for the government to propose the cruel reform and take the flak.

however the street protests grew and President Putin’s approval score fell, regardless. So now, as though on cue, he has ridden to the rescue – forged as Vladimir the Benevolent, stepping in to melt the blow.

Any perception that he might merely scrap the reform, or overhaul it significantly, used to be soon scotched.

From the start of his speech, simulcast on all state TV channels, Mr Putin went to nice lengths to explain that raising the retirement age was crucial.

He solid pension reform as a matter of nationwide security.

The president did be offering some delicate reduction from the preliminary proposal for Russian ladies.

As Russia “cares” for its girls, he mentioned, they might need to paintings handiest 5 additional years sooner than retirement at 60, in place of 8.

that can be minimize further, mind you, if they have extra youngsters – mainly producing extra employees to contribute to the pension pot.

Russia’s Global Cup fails to quell pension rage Russians protest over pension age hikes Putin softens pension reforms after outcry

on the other hand, those mothers will probably must keep at house to take care of their larger brood. at the second, many grandmothers assist carry youngsters after they retire at FIFTY FIVE. Below the new system, they’d be working.

however the biggest bone of competition is male workers. Vladimir Putin left the brand new retirement age for males at 65, a 5-yr build up.

His argument is that lifestyles expectancy has leapt up underneath his rule, that is indubitably actual compared to the dire publish-Soviet crisis of the nineteen nineties.

But Russian males still most effective reside to SIXTY SEVEN on moderate. Below the new machine a huge quantity would not survive to collect their pension. more cash, then, for that “cracking” device.

Will this calm the anger?

The Kremlin says Mr Putin has intervened in this factor as a result of its importance, to not boost his flagging rating.

His spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, advised the BBC it was a “brave step, in Putin’s style” and state TELEVISION has now gone into overdrive promoting it and the pension reform.

On The Other Hand, supporters of opposition politician Alexei Navalny have reacted to the speech through posting recent calls to a protest on NINE September.

Mr Navalny himself was sentenced to 30 days in custody this week, a step he argues was once supposed to hinder arrangements for rallies in opposition to the reform around the country.

And on the streets, Russians’ initial response has been cool.

One girl, Irina, blamed foreign policy and sanctions for the shortage of cash within the pension pot.

a person called Sergei said he feared there could be no money at all via the time he reached retirement.

the risk for Russia’s president, in fact, is that whilst this unpopular transfer may just once be pinned firmly on the government – it’s now greatly Vladimir Putin’s thought.

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