Paris Hilton: “As if I had been raped”

1 Night in Paris “was the name of the clip the 37-year-old suddenly faced, and she owed the scandal to Rick Salomon himself, who had posted the actually very private video after her breakup – 14 years ago Meanwhile, Paris Hilton is talking about it for the first time in the documentary “The American Meme.” Under the shame, she has suffered a lot, the hotel owner emphasizes today.

It was like being raped. I felt like I had lost part of my soul. I literally wanted to die at some points, “Hollywood reporter quoted the blonde. In retrospect, however, she was repeatedly assumed to have benefited even from the spicy video. Undoubtedly, the scandal brought beauty to the front, but Paris Hilton dismisses it. “I did not want to be known, I could never be the person I wanted to be,” she continues.

Today she has left this dark chapter of her past behind. Paris Hilton is a businesswoman and happily engaged to her sweetheart Chris Zylka.

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