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Argentina stretches 4,000 km from its sub-tropical north to the sub-Antarctic south.

Its terrain comprises part of the Andes mountain range, swamps, the plains of the Pampas and an extended sea coast. Its other people have had to fight with military dictatorship, a lost warfare over the Falkland Islands, and severe economic problems.

Argentina is rich in instruments, has a neatly-skilled body of workers and is certainly one of South America’s biggest economies. but it has additionally fallen prey to a increase and bust cycle.

the rustic is still locked in a territorial dispute with Britain over the Falklands Islands, that are ruled as a British in a foreign country territory, but have been claimed via Buenos Aires because the 1830s.

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Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri defied expectancies by means of profitable the 2015 presidential election run-off, beating Peronist candidate Daniel Scioli to grow to be the us of a’s first unambiguously conservative president to win a free and fair election due to the fact 1916.

Born right into a wealthy trade circle of relatives, Mr Macri was once elected mayor of Buenos Aires in 2007, and later emerged because the chief of a reunited conservative competition to left-wing Peronist presidents Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez amid a worsening economy.

He promised to press in advance with austerity measures following his victory in mid-time period parliamentary elections in October 2017.


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Argentina is one among South America’s leading media markets. the rustic has neatly over 150 daily newspapers, many masses of commercial radio stations, dozens of TV stations and one among the world’s absolute best take-up charges for cable TELEVISION.

Large media conglomerates have emerged. Public broadcasting performs a minor position. Tv is the dominant medium.

Outlets tend to be very polarised.

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Image copyright AFP Symbol caption The legacy of President Juan Peron and his iconic first girl, Evita, is still debatable

16th century – Spanish colonisation of the River Plate coast and inland spaces begins.

1810-18 – Conflict of Independence leads to separation from Spain, but is adopted via a sequence of civil conflicts among centralist and federalist forces till 1880.

1916-22 – President Hipolito Yrigoyen enacts a series of modern social reforms. he is re-elected for another stint as president in 1928.

1930 – Great Despair hits Argentina arduous as call for for its agricultural exports dries up. armed forces clutch energy in coup surroundings a precedent for throwing out governments in times of economic bother.

1955 – President Juan Peron, a populist who drew his beef up from Argentina’s negative and working class, is sent into exile because the financial system goes into decline.

1976 – militia take hold of energy and release ‘Dirty Struggle’ in which thousands are killed on suspicion of left-wing sympathies.

1982 – Argentine military invades remote Falkland Islands in south Atlantic however is expelled months later by British military after bloody battles.

1983 – Discredited through loss of Falklands Conflict, army government falls and is replaced by means of civilian President Raul Alfonsin, chief of the center-left Radical Party.

2001 – Economic challenge. Argentina makes historical past with the biggest ever sovereign debt default of more than $80bn (£42bn). Executive of President Nestor Kirchner brings a few turn round.

2014 – Argentina defaults on its global debt for the second time in THIRTEEN years.

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