Asiana Airline flights behind schedule over in-flight meals shortage

SEOUL, July 3 (UPI) — Flights of Asiana Airways, the second one biggest airline corporate in South Korea, were not on time due to in-flight meal shortages considering that Sunday.

Hit through growing court cases, Asiana CEO Kim Soo-cheon released an apology letter on the company website online on Tuesday.

“At The Same Time As we have been getting ready to launch a brand new meal service with the worldwide catering company ‘Gate Gourmand,’ fire broke at the company’s manufacturing unit,” mentioned Kim, within the letter.

“We secured an alternative provider who could provide the number of in-flight foods we want, but we had an expected confusion over packaging and delivery on our first day, which led to delays of a few flights and some departing with out meals,” he mentioned.

Passengers aboard an Asiana Airways flight skilled an hour lengthen on Tuesday morning as a result of the meal trouble and 8 flights took off with out foods, Yonhap said.

Suspicion has grown over the 3-month deal Asiana Airways signed with a neighborhood provider. the pinnacle of the catering company used to be discovered lifeless in an obvious suicide on Monday.

The local catering corporate, in a position to simplest offering 3,000 foods per day, was once asked to supply 30,000 meals for Asiana Airlines, News 1 stated. And the local supplier suffered extremely longer operating hours and burden to satisfy the meal requests, according to local information studies.

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