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A man sits on a bench looking sad. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption As Well as increasing pension age, the Russian executive has proposed expanding VAT to 20%

Why have a pension in the event you wouldn’t are living long sufficient to obtain it?

that is the query Russian individuals are asking after the Moscow govt increased the male retirement age to 2 years above the typical life expectancy.

The proposals – including a rise of VAT to 20% – got here as many Russians have been gazing their nationwide staff beat Saudi Arabia FIVE-ZERO within the commencing game of the arena Cup, with social media customers criticising the timing of the announcement.

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⚡️Под шумок открытия ЧМ-2018 Медведев объявил на заседании правительства: пенсионный возраст в России должен быть повышен до SIXTY FIVE лет для мужчин и до SIXTY THREE лет — для женщин. Напомню: 43% российских мужчин просто не доживут до нового пенсионного возраста!

— Ёшкин Крот (@yoshkinkrot) June 14, 2018


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“Even As everyone used to be busy with the outlet of global Cup 2018, Medvedev announced the pension age in Russia must be increased,” tweeted Yoshkin Mole. “I remind you: FORTY THREE% of males in Russia will not are living until their retirement age!”

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Top Minister Dmitry Medvedev proposed expanding the pension age for males from 60 to 65 years antique, and increasing the pension age for women from 55 to 63 years antique.

The draft law was discussed within the Russian cabinet on Thursday, with many declaring on social media it might make retirement age higher than the average male life expectancy in Russia.

According to information firm World Financial Institution, best 57% of Russian males are expected to are living prior SIXTY FIVE – a determine which has no longer modified within the prior 50 years. in contrast, women are anticipated to are living to 75.

‘The International Cup was once your pension’

The announcement has been met with outrage on Twitter, with Russian officials accused of the usage of the football match as a diversion.

“What a really perfect distraction soccer is”, said one person on Twitter. “Whilst we are happy, the pensions and VAT had been increased. Olé, olé!”

Other customers criticised those celebrating after the victory over Saudi Arabia, at the same time as a few have speculated that any cash stored by means of expanding pension age has already been spent.

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— Олимпиада была?
— Была.
— Мост построили?
— Построили.
— Чемпионат по футболу идёт?
— Идёт.
— Чего же вы всё недовольны про пенсии? Это и были ваши пенсии!

— ВиD (@zgldz) June 14, 2018


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“Did the Olympic Video Games take place? Yes. Was the Crimean bridge constructed? Sure. Is there a world Cup? Sure. Then why don’t seem to be you cheerful approximately pensions? That used to be your pension!” tweeted VID.

Others agreed, with one person pronouncing they would make a choice pensions over football fits, and competition politician Ilya Yashin calling the Russian executive’s proposals “mad” on Facebook.

Surviving to retirement age has been labelled “a new quest in Russia” – leading @DurdomOnline to invite: “Why do you need a pension in case you would possibly not reside to look it?”

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“А зачем Вам пенсии, если Вы до них не доживете?”
(с) В.В.П.

— Вести из Дурдома (@DurdomOnline) June 15, 2018


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