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A outstanding Russian MP has been closely criticised after urging women not to have sex with international males throughout the International Cup.

Communist Celebration MP Tamara Pletnyova advised a Moscow Radio station that she was once “now not a nationalist” however believed Russian girls will have to keep away from intercourse with other folks “of a different race” as a result of “their children endure”.

She was responding to a question concerning the “children of the Olympics” – referencing the claim that there has been a spike in births of blended-race kids in Russia after the 1980 Summer Time Olympics.

Ms Pletnyova stated that those youngsters were “deserted” through their foreign fathers.

“it is not so dangerous if the fathers are of the same race,” she mentioned. “but when they’re of a different race, then that is it.

“The children are abandoned, and they stay right here with their mom. we should always be giving beginning to our youngsters.”

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‘Say No to Racism’?

Ms Pletnyova has been broadly condemned online, with a few folks drawing parallels among her comments and Fifa’s Say No to Racism campaign.

Recalling how a former ice skater defended a racist tweet by means of claiming her Twitter account had been hacked, radio presenter Tayana Felgengauer wondered if Ms Pletnyova might declare one thing similar had came about to her.

“i wonder what Pletnyova will say after they remind her of Say No to Racism,” she tweeted.

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Additional critics of Ms Pletnyova have included person who known as for her to be “thrown out of the Duma” (Russian parliament).

One Twitter user wondered if the Russian MP meant to “display the behaviour of feminine Russians of reproductive age”, even as any other mentioned the irony in the truth Ms Pletnyova had up to now been “the top of the Committee for Nationalities”.

However no longer all of the comments were negative.

Some other people have agreed with Ms Pletnyova that “we must always undergo our personal Russian youngsters”. And one requested: “what is fallacious with what she stated?”

Whilst others have come forward to protect her right to free speech, with one individual pronouncing: “i believe that everybody can freely categorical their perspectives, together with MP Pletnyova.”

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