Cave rescue: Key questions replied

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After 17 days underground, all the Thai boys and their soccer show have effectively escaped from the Tham Luang cave complicated.

A crew of Thai and international divers fixed a perilous and sophisticated rescue to convey the lads out, and main points of the bid are still emerging now.

BBC correspondent Jonathan Head has answered a few of the core questions about the boys, the rescue strive, and what occurs next.

Why did the kids go so deep into the cave?

we can now not recognize that until we hear from them and their assistant coach, Ekkapol “Ake” Chantawong.

On that Saturday they had been scheduled to play a match, which used to be cancelled, according to head show Nopparat Kanthawong. He scheduled a training session instead.

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Saturday was once the 16th birthday of Pheeraphat ‘Night’ Sompiengjai, and a local store mentioned the lads spent greater than SEVEN HUNDRED baht (US$22) on meals to rejoice, a big sum in this space.

Coach Nop describes Ake as being very type-hearted and dedicated to the men. He thinks the lads persuaded him to head with them into the caves. The caves are well-known within the house and had been explored by means of the boys ahead of.

the most productive guess is they went rather deep, that is simple once they are dry, got caught by way of emerging flood water, and were forced to head even deeper.

What roughly conversation have the kids had with their oldsters and why are they now not being allowed to look them?

The reputable explanation is that they are vulnerable from their ordeal and potentially prone to infection.

Those are now very valuable lives in Thailand. a huge effort has been made to get them out alive. The Thai government are taking no chances.

Image copyright Thai Navy SEALs/Getty Pictures Image caption Rescuers brought them meals, gentle and letters from their oldsters to help them cope

Have Been they sedated in any manner?

The Thai authorities are being very coy approximately this.

Top Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said they have been lightly sedated. however the BBC has spoken to a number of people involved in the operation who say the boys had been closely sedated, and handiest semi-aware.

The common sense for this will likely be the fear their rescuers had that they might panic while wearing diving apparatus for the primary time in darkness and swirling cave water, endangering the lives of all of them.

The British cave divers who led the rescue effort, John Volanthen and Richard Stanton, are believed to have asked for Australian Richard Harris, a cave diver and anaesthetician, to assist in getting ready the lads.

How the Thai boys have been rescued The heroes who stored the Wild Boars

How they carried semi-mindful or very drowsy boys during the technically difficult early levels of the adventure out, with a lot of diving in slender passages, we don’t understand.

at times they may were strapped to a diver’s frame. Later they were strapped on to a stretcher and suspended from a rope pulley device hooked up to the cave roof.

all the operation used to be complicated, cutting edge and really daring. Nothing like it has been attempted earlier than. some of those involved defined the duties undertaken by means of the middle divers, who carried the men out, as superhuman.

Who has paid for this operation?

The Thai govt, for most of it.

it is most probably that the contribution by way of different international locations, like the 30 US air force workforce who went to assist, may have been funded through their own governments as a gesture of excellent will.

Many Thai companies supported with transport and meals. Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways introduced loose flights to some of the overseas divers coming in.

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Media captionThailand cave rescue: Meet the volunteer helpers

May Just the Thais have performed this on their own?

No, and few international locations may. Cave diving is a very specialised skill, and professional cave rescuers are even rarer.

Thailand was lucky that an experienced caver Vern Unsworth has explored the Tham Luang cave advanced extensively, and lives nearby.

He was on the scene the day after the boys disappeared, and urged that the Thai govt had to invite expert divers from other international locations to assist.

The Brits at the back of the Thai cave boys seek because it happened – Thai cave rescue

The Thai army divers who went down to begin with struggled, as a result of both their revel in and kit were for sea diving, that’s very different. They had been pushed out of the caves by way of hastily rising flood water, and discovering the lads appeared a hopeless lead to.

Once overseas divers arrived, from various nations, the Thai authorities allowed them to plot first the quest, and then the awfully complicated rescue. It used to be a huge logistical operation related to hundreds of individuals, construction information rope and pulley programs, putting in power and communique cables.

it is to Thailand’s credit score that it was organised so neatly, and there was no try to reduce the foreign contribution.

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