Cockatoo known in 13th Century European book

One of the four images of the cockatoo in the 13th Century manuscript Image copyright BIBLIOTECA APOSTOLICA VATICANA Symbol caption The cockatoo belongs to either the triton or yellow-crested species, researchers say

Researchers have discovered the oldest-recognized Ecu illustrations of an Australasian cockatoo, in a manuscript from the 13th Century.

Four drawings of the white chook were found in a falconry e book as soon as owned by way of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. The book is now in the Vatican Library.

They pre-date different Eu depictions of cockatoos by means of 250 years.

Researchers say the pictures in the e-book, dated among 1241-1248, provide perception into medieval business routes.

“the fact that a cockatoo reached Sicily throughout the thirteenth Century shows that merchants plying their industry to the north of Australia were a part of a flourishing network that reached west to the center East and beyond,” stated co-writer Dr Heather Dalton, from the College of Melbourne.

Symbol copyright BIBLIOTECA APOSTOLICA VATICANA Symbol caption There are 4 drawings of the cockatoo

It features greater than 900 drawings of birds and animals that have been kept via Frederick II at his palaces.

A description in Latin next to at least one drawing identifies the cockatoo as a gift from a sultan of the Ayyubid dynasty, which was once focused in Egypt.

“Scholars, including me, had been aware the sultan had given a white parrot to Frederick II, but few were conscious there have been surviving pictures of this chicken,” Dr Dalton mentioned.

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Dr Dalton stated she believed that the cockatoo was once taken from its authentic habitat to Sicily by means of Cairo in a adventure lasting several years.

The research has been revealed in the magazine Parergon.

Previously, the oldest-recognized European depiction of a cockatoo was once a 1496 artwork by means of Italian painter Andrea Mantegna.

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