Explanation of ‘Afrin’ from NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Olive Branch for the Operation, ” Turkey’s legitimate security concerns. NATO member Turkey has no exposure to terrorist attacks far. Turkey has the right to resolve these security concerns. ” He said.

Stoltenberg, at a press conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Turkey’s Olive Branch Operation noting that he informed last week by NATO, he also included Tayyip Erdogan Prime Minister Recep about the situation in Syria noted that in regular contact with Turkish leaders.

Stoltenberg continued his words:

“We expect Turkey to continue to inform its NATO allies.’s legitimate security concerns of Turkey. Were not exposed to any NATO member Turkey until the terrorist attacks. Turkey has the right to resolve these security concerns, but should do so in proportion and moderation.”


On the other hand Stoltenberg, Olive Branch for the Operation, “I am pleased that the negotiations between Turkey and the United States.” said.


S between Turkey and Russia-400 missile defense system agreement about the Stoltenberg, “explain the details of the agreement have stayed in Turkey. On the other hand, we welcome Turkey’s two-NATO ally of the joint air defense system developed by Italy and France.” He spoke in the form of.


Stoltenberg stressed that increasing European defense spending and capacity would bolster NATO and contribute to a fair share of the burden, stressing that the efforts of the European Union (EU) should be “complemented” instead of “alternative” to NATO.

Regarding the EU’s steps toward defense, Stoltenberg said, “It is absolutely pointless for the EU and NATO to start competing because they share the same members.” Over 90 per cent of the people living in the EU live in NATO territory. ” she said.

Stoltenberg pointed out that Europe’s defense depends on NATO, “80% of defense spending, especially after Brexit, will come from NATO allies outside the EU.” used expressions.

Turkey at the NATO Defense Ministers Meeting will begin tomorrow, it will be represented by Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli. Minister Canikli will hold bilateral talks with US counterparts James Mattis, Stoltenberg and some of the other NATO member countries’ ministers.


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