Fires, threats recommended Israel to shut down Gaza crossing

July NINE (UPI) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjami Netanyahu mentioned Monday Israel will close the Kerem Shalom border crossing with Gaza due to new threats from Hamas.

The Israel Safeguard Forces stated Monday IDF Leader of Group Of Workers Gadi Eisenkot recommended that Netanyahu close Kerem Shalom, the one lively crossing for goods into the Gaza Strip, “in light of the continuation of arson terrorism and different terror attempts” from Hamas.

Moreover, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman ordered the IDF to “make it harder in any respect the crossings,” due to day-to-day assaults from burning kites or balloons that have caused fires.

“we can act with a heavy hand against the Hamas regime within the Gaza Strip,” Netanyahu mentioned.

The Israel Militia introduced a rocket assault on nine Hamas objectives last month after burning, oil-soaked rags despatched over the border caused 17 fires.

the one alternative delivery point into Gaza is the Rafich crossing that is been closed for months, Hamodia stated. Monday’s order simplest lets in crossing Kerem Shalom for “humanitarian aid.”

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