flash from the US ‘Turkey’ description

Matthew, speaking after the NATO Defense Ministers Meeting, added with amazement that Ankara saw these warriors as a terrorist group, saying that America’s support for the US-backed Kurdish rebel in Syria is exaggerated, but that this phrase is quieter and simpler .

US Defense Secretary Mattis said that he met with Defense Secretary Nurettin Canikli during the NATO Defense Ministers’ Meeting, saying, “I believe that the war sometimes presents false alternatives and we find a common ground for some issues. termed the dialogue as open and honest, and stated that they had exchanged ideas on what the two countries could do. US YPG to provide support because of Turkey launched the Olive Branch Motion, indicating that cause some tension between the two allies, US Defense Secretary Mattis, Turkey reported terrorist organization that called on to support the fight against DEAS. < / p>

Turkey in Afrin criticized in his fight against YPG US Defense Secretary Mattis, while Turkey is moving away from the struggle against Dease accused, said that the PKK with Ankara YPG mix. Defense Minister Mattis, who said that the US views the PKK as a terrorist organization, added that the United States would control the weapons given to the Kirtles and guarantee that the PKK will not be disqualified.

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