France shocked by way of video of woman being slapped by harasser

Screen grab from cafe in Boulevard de la Villette Symbol copyright Marie Laguerre/Cafe video Symbol caption The Person walked against the scholar and used to be captured placing her at the cafe’s video

A French scholar has spoken out after she used to be confused in a Paris street and then hit within the face while she instructed him to stop.

Marie Laguerre shared CCTV video of the person slapping her outside a restaurant in the north-east of the capital.

The video has long gone viral and coincides with a central authority push to impose on-the-spot fines for side road harassment.

“the first fines should be passed out this autumn,” mentioned Equalities Minister Marlène Schiappa.

Offenders will have to pay between €NINETY (£EIGHTY; $105) and €750 beneath a package deal of measures that was backed by way of French MPs in Might and is about to complete its passage thru parliament this week.

“It wasn’t the primary time – that day, that week, or that month, It had been increase. I got angry and stated ‘shut up’. i did not suppose he’d listen, but he did,” she told French TV.

At that point the person changed into angry and threw an ashtray, missing her by means of inches, she introduced.

After replacing insults, the person walked towards her and was captured placing her on the cafe’s video.

“i know he is going to hit me. i’ll have run off but there was no question of that. I wasn’t going to look down and positively wasn’t going to apologise,” she stated. He hit her forcefully on the cheek and endured shouting at her.

While folks sitting in the cafe remonstrated with the man, she went home however temporarily made up our minds to go again to the cafe to take witness statements and bitch to the police.

Everybody at the cafe had discovered her response normal, she said, and the owner gave her the video to assist seize the attacker. It has now been considered greater than 900,000 times.

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