Greece wildfires: ‘Hundreds went into the ocean ’

A firefighting helicopter flies over a wildfire raging in the town of Rafina. Symbol copyright AFP Image caption A firefighting helicopter flies over the town of Rafina on Attica’s japanese coast, the place fires are a ordinary drawback in the summer season

Wildfires in Greece have claimed the lives of no less than 60 people.

Flames fanned by way of strong winds have devastated the Attica region around Athens.

Rescuers found the bodies of 26 adults and children, who had it seems that hugged one another as they died, trapped by means of the inferno just metres from the ocean. a bunch of individuals were pronounced lacking.

Eyewitnesses in Greece describe how the fires have affected them.

‘Branches and debris were hitting the car’

Gianni Labroupolis used to be using from Patras to Athens.

Image copyright EPA Image caption A forest hearth rages in Neo Voutsa, a northeast suburb of Athens

‘A circle of relatives family member died within the sea’

Olivia Exarchakou, 19, is a scholar in significant Athens. of her circle of relatives buddies have died within the fires.

“All day lets see the smoke from the rooftops. We noticed it billowing prior the Acropolis.

“The Day Gone By it was once highly regarded and dark on account of the smoke.

“there has been so much of wind in addition, the winds were so robust cushions and mops had been blown from balconies onto the street beneath.

“an in depth loved one of my mom lost her summer area within the Voutsa space.

“i know two individuals who have died as a results of the fireplace.

“One died at home. She did not have time to get out of her space because of the rate at which the fireplace unfold.

“Some Other circle of relatives loved one lost her lifestyles at the seashore. She was once in the water while she was once found.”

Fatal forest fires rage throughout Greece In pictures: wildfires devastate Greek region Greece wildfires: 60 useless in holiday house Image copyright EPA Symbol caption A wooded area hearth rages in Neo Voutsa, a northeast suburb of Athens

‘People are missing’

Catherine Hooper from Bristol travels to Greece steadily and is close to the affected area.

“i’m about 20km away on the other side of the Pentelicus mountain range the place the fireplace took dangle.

“Even right here, the air is acrid. A thick smog hangs over Athens and supermarkets are giving out truck plenty of water.

“i have lost depend of the selection of fire planes and helicopters that have passed and continue to pass overhead, there is a continuing drone from planes overhead.

“The Day Gone By afternoon sturdy winds meant the hearth spread down the mountainside speedy. Stories here mentioned roads had been jammed and that many people ran to the seashore to take a look at and out-run the fire.

“Hundreds went into the sea, but the scorching ash and flying debris compelled many to swim a long way out.

“The waves had been large and currents driven other folks out against Evia Island.

“This morning I heard that 3 ladies and a child drowned. Many more are missing at sea.

“A Few swimmers had been in the water for 4 hours before being rescued.

“This morning 26 folks have been found dead in a taverna. I pay attention that they’ve found a mom useless with her child in her hands.

“they’ve counted 25 people useless on the roads in opposition to the beach.

“i think positive that as rescue products and services seek the gutted buildings they’ll find more our bodies.”

Image copyright Reuters Image caption This girl in Mati was trying to in finding her canine on Tuesday

‘A biblical catastrophe’

George Vokos is in Mati. He says he’s lucky to be alive.

“that is a biblical disaster.

“Thank God my circle of relatives are secure, we ran down to the ocean for protection.

“i’ve lost vehicles within the fire as they are burnt out, and my space has been semi-burnt too.”

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