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In France, the government is the first step back: the gas tax hike suspended

In France, the government is the first step back: the gas tax hike suspended
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French Top Minister Edouard Philippe, Yellow yelekliler 6 months after violent protests that carry out in quite a lot of parts of the rustic has introduced that it suspended the fuel worth hike. He also said the increase in electrical energy and gasoline prices downgraded for 3 months. Philippe the top minister, “the results of the consultations that I did in the ultimate days and except I Am seeing whilst I heard approximately this request, raised by means of just about all interlocutors, those monetary measures should be suspended for six months, i realized that,” he said.

“we need to be deaf or blind to not see that anger.”
From 1 January 2019 onwards, with the suspension of the hike within the minimum wage could build up to 3 % of the high minister that he stated that “greater than three weeks, tens of lots of French, intersections, toll cubicles, buying groceries areas, and expressed their anger by way of demonstrating in the streets of many cities in France. we need to be deaf or blind not to see that anger,” he mentioned.

“looking for the perpetrators of such acts and can be punished”
Philippe in Paris on Saturday highlighting day violent activists “Govt day on Saturday, national monuments, public buildings, companies, and does not accept the violence that befell against the police. These puts harm to these who’ve damaged the valuables of the French. we will use the general public will pay the taxes to fix the damage and compensate. and looking out for the perpetrators of those acts might be punished.”

The Prime Minister “FOUR for the reason that beginning of the motion of our electorate died. Hundred police and masses of citizens have been injured. Threats and insults flew throughout the air. Those occasions doesn’t suit us,” he said.

because the center of the month of November, mass protests and demonstrations in opposition to rising gas prices was once made in France. Day in Paris the Saturday protests, riots and clashes between demonstrators and police vehicles burnt businesses have been destroyed. most importantly, the demonstrators of getting into the monument of the Unknown Soldier was found on the backside of the arc, the historical monument had damaged.

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