Maya’s father spoke to the drone gained prosthetic legs

Maya used to be born without a legs from the battle of the Syrian elmurii cans the usage of the entire world’s highlight. The civil struggle in Syria who was once forced to escape their homes on account of Maya’s father, the leg cans and PVC pipe made daughter. because of the desperation of Maya that you are disillusioned, when they see a video of him pulling out, “my daughter’s wish to stroll by myself I desire i could purchase prosthetic legs,” he stated. TRC also drawn by the call of the daddy, Maya used to be brought to Turkey.

Maya can no longer play the game
Little Maya is FIVE months, again strolling to the land via successful the battle of the new prosthesis. Maya is able to go to college anymore today with buddies, play games and assist youngsters like him and their supporters.
Maya’s father, Mohammad Ali Amir, “my daughter’s innate due to the shortage of toes, her foot was once dropped at Turkey and the Turkish Red Crescent to glue the prosthetic provided him the correct medication for five months. We, the Turkish Purple Crescent thanks for the whole thing,” he said.

Mohammad Ali Amir dad, “father, as my daughter started to walk once more with prosthetic legs and go back to his usa because it doesn’t describe my pleasure. My daughter is recently with her toes you pass where you need,” he mentioned.

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