India rape: 17 men accused of a couple of assaults on ELEVEN-yr-antique woman in Chennai

Police stand guard as the accused are brought to court in Chennai, India, July 17, 2018 Image copyright Reuters Image caption The accused men covered their faces as they were delivered to court under tight security in Chennai

Seventeen males were charged in India with the group-rape of an ELEVEN-yr-antique woman within the town of Chennai.

Police say the woman used to be raped many times because the start of the year. they are saying the principle wrongdoer used to be a boost operator in her condo block.

He is claimed to have drugged the lady and invited different men to attack her. Police say extra arrests are likely.

India is experiencing renewed public outrage over the choice of violent sexual attacks within the united states.

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On Tuesday a courtroom in Chennai charged the 17 males – who include security guards, electricians and plumbers – with rape of a minor and ordered them held in custody until 31 July.

Symbol copyright Reuters Symbol caption Some legal professionals in Chennai attacked a police van sporting the accused to court docket

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