Israel seized land belonging to Palestinians

Israel has reportedly seized 52,000 acres of Palestinian land in the Zanun town of Kalkile in the West Bank. Hasan Shabita, who is in charge of the Jewish settlement file in Zanun province, said that Israeli soldiers handed over reports of 52-acre land seized in Zanun to the farmers.

“The seized land belongs to the residents of the town, people make their living from these agricultural lands and they are constantly taking care of them.” Shabita, Alfei Menashe stated that the Palestinian lands were confiscated for the project of enlargement of the Jewish settlement.

Responsible for the settlement file Shabita stated that the residents are prepared to take steps to seek legal rights and that they are in possession of documents showing that they are inherited from their grandfathers.

The Palestinian territories near the Jewish settlements in the West Bank are often confiscated by the Israeli government, or the land of the farmers is prevented from reaching their land.


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