Italy accuses migrants of hijacking rescue send off Libya

Migrants disembark Italian coast guard vessel Image copyright Reuters Image caption The migrants eventually ended up on the coastguard send Diciotti, noticed in this June report picture

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has accused a few migrants of hijacking the ship that rescued them off the Libyan coast.

It is claimed that during order to circumvent being lower back to Libya, a minimum of two passengers pressured the ship to show away from the inbound Libyan coastguard.

The 67 passengers were in the end handed over to the Italian coastguard.

Mr Salvini called two suspects “violent hijackers, who could have to get off the Diciotti ship in handcuffs”.

Details of the incident stay unclear, but Italian media file that police boarded the coastguard vessel Diciotti to quiz its passengers.

Mr Seehofer stated that following the assembly, he was once “slightly constructive”, while Mr Salvini known as it a “very certain assembly”.

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