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Japan has the world’s third-biggest economy, having completed remarkable enlargement within the second half the 20th Century after the devastation of the second World Warfare.

Its function in the global community is substantial. it is an immense assist donor, and a supply of global capital and credit.

More than 3 quarters of the inhabitants reside in sprawling cities on the coastal fringes of Japan’s 4 mountainous, closely-wooded islands.

Japan’s speedy submit-warfare growth – propelled by way of highly successful automotive and shopper electronics industries – ran out of steam by means of the nineteen nineties beneath a mounting debt burden that successive governments have failed to address.

Japan’s relations with its neighbours are nonetheless heavily stimulated via the legacy of Japanese movements before and through the second one Global Conflict. Japan has found it tough to just accept and catch up on its treatment of the citizens of nations it occupied.

Symbol copyright Getty Images Image caption Emperor Akihito (l) and Empress Michiko (r) had been married considering 1959

Akihito, who has been emperor considering that 1989, has no political powers but he has performed crucial role in running to heal the wounds of a warfare waged throughout Asia in his own father’s name.

His father Emperor Hirohito, who reigned between 1926 and 1989, was respected as divine but reworked after Japan’s defeat to promote peace and democracy.

In 2016, the emperor indicated that he wished to abdicate, out of shock he may grow to be not able to carry out his tasks on account of vintage age.

He’s anticipated to provide up his throne in late 2018, when he’ll be succeeded by means of his elder son, Crown Prince Naruhito.

Prime minister: Shinzo Abe

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Shinzo Abe become Japan’s top minister in 2012 after his Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) landslide election win.

He used to be re-elected in 2014. His center of attention has been on a series of measures – known as “Abenomics” – geared toward boosting Japan’s suffering economic system.

Mr Abe has said he desires to amend Japan’s submit-conflict pacifist constitution, particularly the conflict-renouncing Article 9 – a function that has precipitated sharp grievance from China.

He in the past served as top minister in 2006 and 2007, however quit after a chain of scandals involving his ministers.

Mr Abe referred to as snap elections for the top of October 2017, announcing he wanted a brand new mandate to handle the threat posed via North Korea.


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Japan’s broadcasting scene is competitive and technologically-advanced.

While the use of on-line media and social systems is ubiquitous, the published press has an excessively prime readership and is extremely trusted.

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Some key dates in Japan’s historical past:

1853 – US fleet forces Japan to open up to international influence after over 200 years of self-imposed isolation.

1868 – Empire of Japan proclaimed, and united states enters duration of speedy industrialisation and imperial expansion.

1910 – Japan annexes Korea, turning into considered one of the world’s leading powers.

1914 – Japan joins First Global Warfare at the facet of britain and her allies, gaining a few Pacific islands from Germany.

1925 – Common male suffrage is instituted.

1930s – Seizes Chinese province of Manchu, Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing amid atrocities akin to the “Rape of Nanjing”.

1939-45 – Second International Warfare sees Japan occupying a number of Asian nations. it’s defeated when US drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

1945 – US occupation of devastated u . s . a .; submit-conflict recovery and political reform. Financial System recovers, sooner or later prospers.

Image copyright Getty Pictures Image caption A delegation formally presents Japan’s surrender at the top of the second one Global Struggle Read complete timeline

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