Kerala floods: Images after worse deluge in a century

Weeks of monsoon rains in the southern Indian state of Kerala have caused landslides and floods, leaving 324 folks lifeless and thousands stranded.

The Indian defense force are stepping up efforts to rescue the ones affected. many of us are still believed to be trapped on rooftops.

Aerial view of partially submerged houses Symbol copyright Reuters

Dozens of boats including FIFTY ONE military vessels are involved in the evacuation.

Rescuers evacuate people from a flooded area to a safer place in Aluva - 18 August Symbol copyright Reuters People take a boat to safety in Kochi Symbol copyright EPA

Naval forces are also fascinated about helicopter rescues. The Days of India newspaper mentioned 23 army helicopters had been deployed.

People are airlifted by the Indian Navy soldiers during a rescue operation at a flooded area in the southern state of Kerala, India, 17 August 2018 Symbol copyright Reuters

This guy used to be pictured waiting on a stretcher for his airlift to protection.

Sick man waits to be evacuated by the Indian Navy Symbol copyright Reuters

Others like this elderly girl needed to rely on more primitive evacuation strategies.

Indian volunteers and rescuers evacuate local residents in Ernakulam district - 17 August Symbol copyright AFP

Any available cars are getting used to transport other folks to safety.

Indian passengers travel in a truck to a safer place as flood waters ravage the National Highway 47 in Ernakulam district of Kochi Symbol copyright Getty Images

For individuals who have already made it to protection, the relief is palpable.

A woman cries as she holds her son after they were evacuated from a flooded area in Aluva - 18 August Image copyright Reuters

Folks have also been seeking to save their animals, like this pig that was swept away by means of the floods.

A pig that was swept away in the floods is rescued by a local resident at Varapuzha Image copyright EPA

Officials say hundreds of houses were destroyed or damaged.

Ajith Prasad stands in front of the rubble of his house on the outskirts of Kozhikode Image copyright Getty Photographs An Indian woman sits inside her house immersed in flood waters in the Ernakulam district of Kochi Symbol copyright AFP

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