Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over no handshake

A handshake Symbol copyright Technology Photograph Library Symbol caption The unidentified couple were not requested about their religion, even though reports stated it was obvious

A Muslim couple were denied Swiss citizenship after they refused to shake arms with other folks of the other intercourse all the way through their interview, officers say.

They confirmed the verdict on Friday, further bringing up the couple’s failure to combine and admire gender equality.

The couple, interviewed months in the past, additionally struggled to answer questions by individuals of the opposite sex.

Days in the past a Swedish Muslim woman received repayment after a job interview was once ended while she refused to shake arms.

The Swiss government said aspiring citizens need to be well integrated into the Swiss neighborhood and exhibit an attachment to Switzerland, its institutions and a respect for the Swiss criminal order.

they would now not display specifics concerning the couple, who native media mentioned had been North African, but showed they felt the couple had didn’t meet citizenship standards once they implemented in the city of Lausanne.

The mayor of Lausanne, Gregoire Junod, informed information agency AFP freedom of faith was once enshrined in local rules however “religious practice does not fall out of doors the regulation.”

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The couple were not asked about their faith, government said, despite the fact that their faith gave the impression obvious, local media reported.

Officials stressed out they weren’t rejected in keeping with their religion however for his or her loss of admire for gender equality.

“The charter and equality among males and ladies prevails over bigotry,” stated Pierre-Antoine Hilbrand, who was once part of the commission that interviewed the couple.

This no longer the primary time refused handshakes have stirred controversy in Switzerland.

In 2016, a Swiss school decided to exempt two Muslim boys from shaking both male and feminine teachers’ hands after they refused to shake palms with a female teacher. the scoop brought about uproar and ended in the family’s citizenship process being suspended.

In neighbouring France, an Algerian lady used to be denied citizenship after refusing to shake the hand of an authentic all through her citizenship ceremony.

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