Last minute … The Middle East has flared! Israeli F-16 was lowered, followed by announcements

The tension that has continued for months on the Israeli-Syrian border has turned into a conflict this morning. The Israeli army announced that the civil war country dropped an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle in Syria.

It was announced that the firing launched by Syria after a minute from this news dropped an Israeli F-16. The pilots on the air were severely attacked. The wreckage of the plane was reached in the village of Harduf in the north of Israel. Some debris fell to Jordan.

In the official statement made in Syria, it was stated that the missile defense system had lowered the number of aircraft and that the planes were hit because of Israeli attack on a military base in the country.

Tel Aviv administration has been instantly repulsed by the dropping of the F-16, Israeli jets air strikes on military targets near Syria’s capital, Damascus and Hama. The Israeli army explained that three out of 12 hit points belonged to Iran.

The official news agency reports to you that the air defense systems have countered Israeli attacks and that the sirens in the area have stolen.


The Israeli media reports that Syrians are launching this morning, causing red alarm sirens to be stolen north of the country. The first place the sirens stole was Beyt ┼×ean in the Golan Heights, followed by the sound of sirens elsewhere.

Residents living on the border say they heard a lot of explosions in the last half hour.

The Israeli army announced that rocket sirens were stolen for the second time in settlements in the Golan Heights.

Israel has carried out many missile attacks over Syria in recent years and has hit many military targets.


The development that replaced the Middle East as a fire has seen reaction from Iran and Russia as expected.

Iran, which blamed the Israeli government for lying, announced that they did not trust any statements made by the Tel Aviv administration.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, on the other hand, invited the parties to the right senses to reduce tension and said they were worried about the developments. Moscow wanted all countries to respect the sovereign rights of Syria.


According to the Al Arabiya newspaper, the US has been “the first high-level alarm since the Gulf War” at the Qatar Al Hudedi Air Base, which is the largest military base in the Middle East.

The US “high-level alarm” in Qatar came after Syria shot down an F-16 war plane.

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