Mexico earthquake ends up in discovery of ancient temple

The earthquake revealed some of the substructure underneath the temple Symbol copyright AFP Image caption The earthquake found out partitions belonging to an older temple below the pyramid

Archaeologists scanning a Mexican pyramid for injury following September’s devastating earthquake have uncovered traces of an historic temple.

The temple is nestled within the Teopanzolco pyramid in Morelos state, 70km (FORTY THREE miles) south of Mexico City.

It is thought thus far again to 1150 and to belong to the Tlahuica tradition, one of the Aztec peoples living in relevant Mexico.

The construction is devoted to Tláloc, the Aztec rain god.

Archaeologists say it will have measured 6m by 4m (20ft via 13ft). A Number Of The temple’s is still additionally they found an incense burner and ceramic shards.

Symbol copyright AFP Image caption the discovery was once made at the Teopanzolco pyramid in Cuernavaca

Archaeologist Barbara Koniecza mentioned the 7.1-importance earthquake which hit Mexico in September led to really extensive injury to Teopanzolco, specifically to 2 temples

Mexico earthquake: a visible information Mexico earthquake as it struck

“The pyramid suffered really extensive rearrangement of the center of its structure,” Ms Koniecza mentioned.

Research means that the Tlahuica lived in dozens of small city-states within the area of recent-day Morelos state.

The main systems on the archaeological web site of Teopanzolco are idea to this point back to the thirteenth Century, which means that the newly found out temple could have predated them.

Ms Koniecza says it was not unusual for the Tlahuica to build on most sensible of older structures.

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