New opening from the Suudi Prince: Women are soldiers

Six people were killed and 15 injured in the bombed car attack in Ceradel of northern Syria.

According to the information obtained from local sources, a bomb-loaded vehicle was attacked at the police point in Cerablus, where the terrorist organization DEAŞ was rescued from the terrorist organization DEAŞ in the operation of the Firat Kalkanı at about 14.30 pm.

Six people were killed in the attack, 15 people were injured, including women and children. It was stated that the condition of the 3 of the injured was heavy.

The attack has not been undertaken yet.

Local security sources are concerned about the possibility that the attack was organized by the terrorist organization PYD / PKK.

One of the civilians died and five civilians were injured in a bomb-loaded car attack near the police station yesterday.

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