Philippine President Duterte condemned for kissing overseas employee

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‘Strong, assertive image’

Howard Johnson, BBC Philippines reporter

Despite a string of accusations of misogyny in opposition to the president, he remains popular each in the Philippines and with Overseas Filipino Staff (OFW).

OFWs I Have spoken with say they like Mr Duterte as a result of he projects a powerful, assertive symbol of the Philippines; a father determine to appear after the rustic and its kids even as they are working abroad.

On a recent shuttle to the uk, I met a Filipino nurse running in a sanatorium in London. She mentioned she idea the Western media have been biased in opposition to the president and did not report information approximately him accurately.

Critics of the federal government say that many OFWs are targeted via pro-government bloggers on social media feeds. they say postings on systems like Facebook and Twitter spin an erroneous, glowing image of the president.

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