Putin claims that the US will be angry!

‘The US does not care about the indictment’

In an interview with Russian President Putin on NBC television on Friday, the question of whether 13 Russian citizens and 3 Russian companies involved in the US indictment ignored the US election intervention questioned him, saying, “This claim does not excuse, because these people do not represent the government.” he answered.

Maybe the Jews are interfering with the elections

Putin said, “Perhaps these people are not even Russian, but Ukrainians, Tatars and Jews who are Russian citizens. At the same time, it should be checked whether these people have double citizenship, perhaps America has paid them for it. Where do you know? I do not know either. “

The US is always interfering with Russian elections

Putin, saying that Russia has no equipment or desire to intervene in US elections, stressed that the US has repeatedly and strongly rejected Russia’s attempts to establish a business alliance between the two countries on cybersecurity issues, “the US refuses to work this way, He’s throwing 13 rats. “

“America is always interfering with the Russian elections, but it is impossible for us to do the same.”

‘We do not have the power to interfere with elections’

Putin claimed that Russia does not have the equipment to intervene in the elections. “First, we have the principle of not confusing others with our internal affairs and not interfering with others’ internal affairs.” Second, we do not have the equipment to do this. “

He invited the Congress to present solid evidence to make a fuss about elections

Names will not be tampered with

“Are you going to act on the names in the indictment?” As long as they do not violate the Russian laws, they will not be intervened.


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