rocket attack on saudi arabia

According to a report in Saudi Arabia’s official agency SPA, Captain Abdullah Said Al Fari of Necran Civil Defense Directorate said that anti-government Husians in Yemen organized rocket attacks targeting the regions where civilians lived in Necran.

A fired rocket hit a hospital in the city, and Al Fari said that he was not dead or injured here, and that the two who hit the shrapnel pieces were slightly injured when the rocket worker fell to another spot in the city.

On the other hand, the SABA news agency, under the control of the Husseins, noted that the troops in Necran under the army of Saudi Arabia were attacked by katyusha.

Since September 2014, the Hussein, who has made a legitimate blow to Yemen, is keeping some territories under control, especially in the capital city. The coalition forces, led by Saudi Arabia, have been supporting legitimate government forces in the fight against Husil since March 2015.

The enemies often attack Katyusha, Scud, and other ballistic infantry against the Necran and Cazan cities of Saudi Arabia near Yemen. While these attacks are often blocked by air defense systems, they sometimes cause loss of life and property.


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